How to use

1. See assignments

You can see all of assignments at Top page.

2. Select a assignment

At Top page, click See assignment and ranking and you can see details of assignment and answer the assignment.

You can download assignment file by clicking Download (.txt) .

3. Answer

You can answer by uploading answer text file. At assignment page, click Select an answer (.txt) to select file and click Submit to upload file.

Then, page moves to answer detail page. The page shows problems if your answer has mistakes. If your answer is correct, you can check score.

4. Contribute assignments

You can contribute assignments you made. You can upload assignment file from this page. If your assignment has no mistakes, the assignment is opened to the public.

Error report

If you find erros on this website or something would like to ask, please contact us through your teacher.

Mail address : jimu26(*) (Please change (*) to @)

Note : You must ask through your teacher. Do not send emails by yourself.

Release Note

Ver. 1.3

- This fix affects some uploaded assignments below.

Ver. 1.2

- Fixed issue that first stone cannot be skipped
- 1番目の石がスキップ不可能だった問題を修正

Ver. 1.1

- Fixed issue that some correct assignments cannot be uploaded
- Fixed issue that password cannot be reset
- Show number of slate pieces and updated ranking
- ルール上正しい問題ファイルをアップロードしても、エラーとなる不具合を修正
- パスワードリセットができない不具合を修正
- 回答の使用石数の表示と、ランキングへの反映

Ver. 1.0

- First release
- 初版公開